There is one private sector seat open at this time.


Private sector applicants come from Ventura County organizations as representatives of the organization, following guidelines established in the CAVC bylaws. For example, Private Sector Seats may be filled from the following categories of representation:


  • Industrial employers or associations.

  • Community groups or organizations that assist the agency in advancing equality for ethnic and minority groups in Ventura County.

  • Agricultural employers or associations.

  • Business employers or associations.

  • Private charitable organizations or foundations.

  • Private health care institutions.

  • Women’s organizations.

  • Organized labor and/or employee associations.

  • Private agencies that provide social services to the disadvantaged, minorities, disabled, and/or elderly population of Ventura County.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or need help with your application, please email or call Catalina at 805-436-4038.