Showers & Laundry Services


  • Many people believe individuals and families become homeless because they have substance abuse problems, legal issues, poor health, a lack of family support, a history of domestic violence, depression, mental instability or other issues that require extensive support services. Evidence shows, however, these are often the effects of being homeless, and not always the cause. There are many barriers faced by the homeless and at-risk families in their day-to-day struggle just to stay alive or keep a roof over their heads. 

  • CAVC is currently only offering showers and laundry services every Monday 8am-12pm 

  • To find out more about this program or how you can help or volunteer, call 805-436-4000 or email


Wish List
Year Round:

- Bar Soap

- Shampoo (if you have leftover shampoo you tried and didn’t like or changed shampoo’s, that’s fine)

- Conditioner

- Ketchup cups (to portion out  shampoo/conditioner)

- Towels

- Razors

- Feminine Products

- Hair brushes/ combs

- Q tips

- Lotion

- Deodorant

- Chapstick

- Clothing; *Socks, Under garments, shirts, pants etc.

- Back Packs

- Body wipes

- P-38/P-51 Can Openers

- Flipflops


Winter Items:

- Beanies

- Gloves

- Scarves

- Socks

- Chapstick